Social Work, BA

The Social Work baccalaureate program was designed to prepare students who desire a career in human services as a generalist social worker. The program is offered at the North Central campus within the College of Liberal Arts and Department of Social Sciences of Purdue University at West Lafayette.

Each student will follow an appropriate course of study approved by an advisor in conjunction with the professional social work faculty. The program will include a foundation of liberal arts and social science specifically designed to prepare students for professional social work education. The electives enable the student to pursue areas of personal interest.

PNC General Education Core (30 credits)

Composition and Communication (9 credits)

ENGL 10100English Composition I

0 - 3 credits

ENGL 10200English Composition II

3 credits

COM 11400Fundamentals Of Speech Communication

3 credits

Quantitative Reasoning (6 credits)

Choose one Mathematics 12300 or higher course and one Statistics course. Statistics requirement may be selected from STAT 11300, STAT 21300, or STAT 30100.  One of these these courses becomes a requirement for the BASW  degree, if students have met the Quantitative Reasoning component of the General Education Core with other courses.

Natural Sciences and Technology (6 credits)

Choose two courses from Natural Science and/or Technology.

Humanities and Social Sciences (6 credits)

Choose one course from Humanities and choose one course from Social Sciences.

FYE or Additional Humanities/Social Sciences Course (3 credits)

An additional Humanities, Social Sciences, of FYE (GS 19100) course.

PNC Supplemental Core (24 credits)

General Education requirements can “double dip” and also count toward Social Work degree requirements. Students should check with their advisors or the Department of Social Sciences to see which courses may be counted for both General Education and Social Work requirements.

U.S. Traditions (3 credits)

Choose one course from US Traditions.

Western Heritage (3 credits)

Choose one course from Western Heritage.

Global Cultures (3 credits)

Choose one course from Global Cultures.

Literature and the Arts (3 credits)

Choose one course from Literature and the Arts.

Racial and Ethnic Diversity (3 credits)

Choose one course from Racial and Ethnic Diversity.

Gender Issues (3 credits)

Choose one course from Gender Issues.

Social Ethics (3 credits)

Choose one course from Social Ethics.

Individual and Society (3 credits)

Choose one course from Individual and Society.

Required Courses (69 credits)

Foreign Languages (12 credits)

ASL, French, German, or Spanish to the fourth level is required.

Behavioral Science Core (9)

PSY 12000Elementary Psychology

3 credits

SOC 10000Introductory Sociology

3 credits

SWRK 26100Introduction To Social Work

3 credits

PSY 12000 and SOC 10000 also fulfills the Social Sciences requirement in the General Education Core and the Individual and Society requirement in the General Education Core.

SWRK 26100 also fulfills the Social Sciences requirement in the General Education Core.

One of these courses may share with the General Education requirement for this major.

Required Social Work Courses (42 credits)

SWRK 16200Careers In Social Work And Human Services

3 credits

SWRK 24000Social Work Helping Communication With Individuals And Small Groups

3 credits

SWRK 30100Social Work Research

3 credits

SWRK 32100Human Behavior In The Social Environment I

3 credits

SWRK 32200Human Behavior In The Social Environment II

3 credits

SWRK 35100Junior Practicum

0 - 3 credits

SWRK 35900Macro Practice: Human Service Organizations And The Community

3 credits

SWRK 36100Institutional Social Welfare

3 credits

SWRK 36200Social Work Practice I

3 credits

SWRK 36300Social Work Practice II

3 credits

SWRK 46100Field Practicum In Social Work

0 - 6 credits

SWRK 46400Field Practicum In Social Work II

0 - 6 credits

Required Social Work Electives (6 credits)

Two (2) additional SWRK courses.