Auditing Classes (Visitors)

A person who is not already enrolled as a student in the University and who wishes to attend a course in the University without credit shall obtain a visitor’s permission form from the Registrar’s Office and complete it, stating the visitor’s name, the number of the course, the date of attendance permitted, and the fact that no credit is to be allowed. The Registrar shall issue a visitor’s permit upon written recommendation of the instructor and approval by the head of the department administering the course. No person who is ineligible for readmission by reason of that person having been dropped from the University for scholastic or other reasons shall be eligible to attend classes as a visitor.

A person who has status in the University by reason of admission to and registration in a definite classification may enroll in a course as a visitor. The assignment and enrollment must be completed by the regular procedure for visitor registration. The assessment of fees and determination of allowable load shall be in accordance with the credit value or equivalent of the course(s) involved. A visitor in a course shall be entitled to hear lectures, recitations, and oral quizzes. A visitor shall not participate in classroom exercises except as invited by the instructor. The visitor shall neither submit papers, when tests or examinations are given, nor take part in laboratory work. A visitor shall receive no credit for the course. However, if the visitor has been, is, or shall be registered later as a student in the University, then that person may apply for examination for credit, under the usual rules, in the course which was attended as a visitor.