Communication, BA

The Communication degree offers students the opportunity to prepare for a wide range of careers where effective oral and written communication is essential. By combining a study of communication theory and research with an emphasis on performance, communication majors will see improvement in critical thinking, research, writing, team, interpersonal, and public speaking skills. Graduates of the program may find work in such diverse areas as organizational training and development, broadcasting and public relations. Internship opportunities are available to students that will allow them to network with professionals while continuing to build their communication skills.

PNC General Education Core (30 credits)

Composition and Communication (9 credits)

ENGL 10100English Composition I

3 credits

ENGL 10200English Composition II

3 credits

COM 11400Fundamentals Of Speech Communication

3 credits

Quantitative Reasoning (6 credits)

Choose one Mathematics course and one Statistics course from Quantitative Reasoning.

Humanities and Social Sciences (6 credits)

Choose one course from Humanities and one course from Social Sciences.

FYE or Humanities Social Sciences (3 credits)

FYE (GS 19100) or additional Humanities or Social Sciences course.

Natural Sciences and Technology (6 credits)

Choose two courses from Natural Science and/or Technology.

(1 lab course is REQUIRED)

PNC Supplemental Core (24 credits)

U.S. Traditions (3 credits)

Choose one course from US Traditions.

Western Heritage (3 credits)

Choose one course from Western Heritage.

Global Cultures (3 credits)

Choose one course from Global Cultures.

Literature and the Arts (3 credits)

Choose one course from Literature and the Arts.

Racial and Ethnic Diversity (3 credits)

Choose one course from Racial and Ethnic Diversity.

Gender Issues (3 credits)

Choose one course from Gender Issues.

Social Ethics (3 credits)

Choose one course from Social Ethics.

Individual and Society (3 credits)

Choose one course from Individual and Society.

Required Courses

Modern Language (12 credits)

ASL, French, German, or Spanish to the fourth level is required.

Core Communication Courses (24 credits)

COM 20400Critical Perspectives On Communication

3 credits

COM 21200Approaches To The Study Of Interpersonal Communication

3 credits

COM 25000Mass Communication And Society

3 credits

COM 30000Introduction To Communication Research Methods

3 credits

COM 31400Advanced Presentational Speaking

3 credits

COM 31800Principles Of Persuasion

3 credits

COM 32400Introduction To Organizational Communication

3 credits

COM 43500Communication And Emerging Technologies

3 credits

*Communication majors (and interested minor students**) are advised to note that COM 43500, Communication and Emerging Technologies serves at the Capstone course for Seniors in Communication. The prerequisite for COM 43500 is COM 30000, Introduction to Communication Research Methods. A lengthy research project is central to the course.

COM Selectives (9 credits)

All Communication majors must take an additional three COM courses.  Two of these must be at the 30000 level or higher.

Free Electives (21 credits)

A total of 120 credit hours are required, 24 of those hours will be core communication courses and 9 hours will be other communication courses of the student’s choosing (of which two must be 300 level or higher). All communication majors must complete 66 credits of core requirements (includes Modern Languages).

Up to two courses (6 credits) can “double dip” between the PNC GE Core and the GE Supplemental Core.

A minor is NOT REQUIRED with this major.